I'm Free Introduction

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This is part of the introduction to the book I'm Free which describes an unforgettable night in Detroit when death was in the air and blood was everywhere. The book follows as the true story moves from drugs, crime, violence, and death, to prison, redemption and transformation. To God be the glory.

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I’M FREE is an autobiographical account of a life gone wrong… for so long; the story of a young confused lad, a rebel with no cause or purpose, an angry black boy whose life had a rapid downward spiral… to the bottom. Many episodes described in this book are detailed and graphic. These details are not intended to glorify the life of deviance and self-destruction I experienced. They are added only to show the power of the Good News, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and its supernatural ability to transform a life and set it on a new course. This is, therefore, a testimony of the life-changing, soul-saving goodness of God through my eventual surrender to His amazing grace. The liberty has been taken to change or modify the names of some of the people, obviously, to prevent incrimination of old acquaintances, family members, and yes, even myself. Over nearly three decades, and after numerous speaking engagements, I have been prompted by others to write this book. However, until now, I have never seemed to sense a release go get it accomplished. Finally, I am ready to compose to completion a true story that I pray will encourage and inspire all who take the time to read it To God be all the glory!


                                                                                                                                       -- Sheldon Gooch      

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